National Councillors' Liaison Officer - Tom Atkins

Hello fellow members, after serving a three-year apprenticeship, as a National Councillor, I have now been on National Board for over a year.

I still do not see myself as “important,” as I see YOU the MEMBERS are the most important. Like others on the board, I am an officer of the association, to help administer the running of our great association of clubs. I have learned a lot about the running of the association, the rules, the budget and how clubs interact with the councillors and officers.

There is a big challenge over the next year with GDPR now effective, in getting clubs to bring and keep up to date the members' information on The Club Administration System.

I urge you to contact your Regional Councillor to help you in doing this, as it is the vehicle which helps us communicate with the membership and bring you extra benefits apart from Fellowship.

I am responsible for coordinating the 25 National Councillors, and to help them in their role with club visits and to look after their welfare, and to make sure they have fun and fellowship. A councillor’s role can sometimes be a thankless task.

I encourage clubs to check who they are and invite them to your meetings.

I am also the link between the Board and National Council and provide information between us, so that YOU, the members benefit.

I would encourage Clubs to share events and update your meetings diaries and meeting places, on CAS and the Website, so that your National Board Members and your council representatives know what is going on in each region. If you wish a member of the board to visit your club please make contact.

I have very close links with Round Table and will endeavour to expand the links with Tangent and Ladies Circle, as I believe they have good ideas that can be shared with all clubs.

I am very fortunate to be an Ambassador for Round Table Children’s Wish, and I am always looking for other like-minded people, from the Round Table Family, to become an Ambassador or simply help out with a very worthwhile charity, which now 28 years old.

Yours in fellowship

Tom Atkins