Bill The Power Goodall Triumphant

Bill "The Power" Goodall

There has been a continuing sporting theme this year. Probably something to do with our new influx of young members. But it seems to have refreshed us all.

The latest example was a Darts knock out match held at The Alcester Inn last week. Killer was the game and a large opening group was quickly reduced to a handful. Chief among those was eventual winner, Bill Goodall, seen here being congratulated by organiser, Graham Roden and brandishing his newly flighted darts.

Our thanks to all the team and customers of the Alcester Inn for the delicious meals and their help and consideration in organising the event. We are most grateful.

We Go Motor Racing!!!

Prescott Hill Climb

A number of the guys attended what is becoming quite a regular event for us. And with good reason because Prescott Hill Climb never fails to give us a great day out watching the racing and pretending we know all about vintage cars.

In addition, one of our members, who really does know about vintage cars, operates a charity, Miles for Smiles which works among terminally ill children offering them a drive in the hot car of their choice.  He was working at Prescott while we were there helping some wonderfully brave young people.

More photos can be found on our Alcester 41 Club Facebook Page

Mike's Grape Harvest

Mike's Grape Harvest

A number of 41ers and Tangent ladies joined a party of grape harvesters at Mike Jones' vineyard today.  We braved the rain and, secateurs in hand, we set to clipping and cutting until we had completed our task for the morning.  When done, we repaired to the barn where Alison and helpers had organised an excellent harvesters lunch including the opportunity to test the product.  Well done everyone concerned.  More photos at our Alcester 41 Club Facebook page.

Alcester 41 Club News

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Once again, Alcester 41 Club were pleased that we, as usual, be took part in Alcester's remembrance of those who fell in the service of our country. Led by Chairman Howard, we joined the parade on Sunday 10th November and afterwards, the service at St Nicholas' Church.